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    ShenzhenDyHua intelligent technology Co.,LTD. is a supplier of Die Board making machine. We integrates development, design, manufacture and sales. We have 15years experience in Die Board making machines. Continuous innovation on equipment is the driving force of our company's development. Our main products are Pertinax counter making machineAuto bending machine, Laser cutting machine, and other Die Board making machine.Our company is a production and supply base for the overseas and national markets. Use of advanced technology and  excellent quality as well as research and develop in Die Board making machines for more than 15years, to provide excellent technical support. Our purpose is: our users can produce high quality products to meet their needs within a short time. They have been widely used in electronic, printing package, leather and shoes so far.We have more than 15years manufacturing experiences in Dieboard making and machines, so we can offer the professional suggestions for anyone doing the Dieboard or wants to join in this field.

     High quality, high technology, best service is what Dyhua people pursuing.

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